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ReaderShop FAQ - Help Center

ReaderShop FAQ

Kindles :: Buying and Choosing

ALL KINDLE FEATURES: Does the Kindle [....] ? Can the Kindle [....]? How to make the Kindle [...]?

Can I buy a Kindle without the Sponsored Screen Saver Ads? How to remove the Sponsored Screen Saver Ads?

Does the Kindle 3G require a contract with Telstra or Optus etc? If I buy one are there any other start up costs?

Do you sell the Kindle without the Australian Accessories Kit?

The Kindle looks cheaper if I purchase overseas, can you price match?

What is the warranty for the Kindle?

How many books can the Kindle hold?

Does the Kindle come with pre-loaded books?

Can the Kindle display text in colour or just black and white?

What are Sponsored Screen Savers and Special Offers?

What is the difference between 3G and Wi-Fi?

Kindles :: Use, Problems and Solutions

What is the password for the Wi-Fi?

When I try to register my Kindle, it asks me to connect to a Wi-Fi network. How do I do this?

How to register my Kindle to a different account or how to deregister my Kindle?

How to get Technical Support for my Kindle?

Kindle Store: Buying books, magazines etc

Can I access the same books as the Kindle Store USA?

How to load books into your Kindle?

What are the differences between the Kindle Australian Store and USA Store?

Where do I buy books?

Payments and Purchases

Can I pickup and pay cash?

I'd like to see a Kindle in person / live, where is your store?

How can I pay for my order?

Do you offer discounts for Bulk Purchases?

How to claim GST (taxes) back when travelling overseas?

I'd like to change a Kindle for another one. How can I return it?

Shipping and Deliveries

How much is shipping to [City]?

Will I receive my order on the Next-Day?

I live in [***], can you guarantee next-day delivery?

How long will my order take to arrive?

Can you ship to a PO Box?