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Kindle E-Readers Vs Fire Tablets: what is the difference and which one is better?

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Common questions we are asked all the time:

These devices are not in the same category. In this article, we will try to explain briefly the differences between E-Readers and Tablets.


The Kindle 8th Gen, Paperwhite, Voyage and Oasis are E-Readers - short for E-book Readers. E-Readers use a display technology called E-Ink (Electronic Ink).

There are variations of this technology but devices using it generally share the following characteristics:

  • grayscale display
  • single purpose device: read books
  • no audio (E-Readers don't have speakers)
  • low power consumption
  • no glare
  • easy on the eyes

E-Readers do one thing (and they do it very well): they allow you to read content


The Fire Tablet 7" and the Fire HD Tablet 8" are Tablets. Tablets usually have LCD screens and share the following characteristics:

  • full colour display
  • multi-purpose device: read books, listen to audiobooks, browse the web, watch videos, install apps, check emails, etc.
  • high quality audio

Should I buy an E-Reader or a Tablet?

We recommend E-readers if: 

  • You are easily distracted while reading
  • You like to read outdoors
  • Your eyes get tired of reading in a computer screen

We recommend Tablets if: 

  • You enjoy multi-tasking
  • You like being able to listen to the audiobook version of the book you are reading, or use the text-to-speech function (Tablets have audio, unlike e-readers)
  • You like to browse the internet while reading
  • You read content that has colour pictures and charts
  • You like to take notes and highlight content (typing is much faster in a Tablet)


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