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Buying from Other Australian Company Vs ReaderShop

Buying from Other Australian Company Vs ReaderShop®.

  Other Australian Company ReaderShop
Local Australian Warranty Yes Yes
Price for Kindle 3G $219 $249
Australian Power Charger $29.97 Included
Overseas Power Charger $29 Included
Car charger $39.98 Included
Protective Silicone Case (Organic Anti-Dust) $19.90 (from ReaderShop) Included
Extra USB cable for charging and synchronising $4.99 (from ReaderShop) Included
Special Offers on your Kindle? No Yes
Shipping Fee Free $9.95
Total $342.84 $258.95
Your savings   save $83.89



Why chose the Kindle Australia specialists?

We offer much MORE for your MONEY. We sell only Amazon Kindles and we specialise on it. Our accessories that go with every single Kindle have been carefully chosen after many months of our own use and also from hundreds of feedbacks from our great customers. There isn't a single accessory that you'll regret not having when you need it.


"I'm not sure I need those accessories. Why do you include them with all Kindles?"

Because we own Kindles ourselves and have received a great number of feedback from our customers, we've decided to include the accessories in each and every Kindle we sell. Here is why:


Overseas Power Charger

The Kindle is so light and you'll like it so much that you will wish to take it on your next trip. If you don't have an Overseas Power Charger, you will need to leave your Kindle attached to a computer in order to charge it. That means you'll either have to bring your own computer or leave your Kindle plugged into someone else's.


Australian Power Adapter

Charge your Kindle on any power socket in Australia. It charges faster than USB and gives your Kindle freedom from computers.


Car Charger

If you travel by car you'll be happy to know you don't need any computer or power socket in order to charge your Kindle. Plug the Kindle when you jump in the car and it'll be fully charged once you reach your destination. Alternatively, leave it charging in your car and in just a few hours the battery will be fully charged.


Organic Anti-Dust Silicone Case

You will drop your Kindle, eventually. We all do it. Since the Kindle is high quality and lightweight, it can survive many drops with not even a single scratch. However depending on the angle and on the surface, your Kindle's external case can be severely damaged. Not only this, but the biggest concern that every Kindle owner has is damage to the screen. Because the screen is protected by the Kindle's frame (it's slightly lower than the outside case), chances are the screen won't be directly damaged if you let it fall (as the floor won't touch the screen). However, we've had many customers that had to buy a new Kindle because the screen was damaged after an accidental fall (lines started to appear, parts of the screen didn't display any text and so on). This is because the shock on the outside case can damage the Kindle's screen. Therefore, it's important to protect your Kindle with a Silicone Cover that will absorb the impact and minimise possible damages. It also makes the grip more comfortable and efficient (it's organic silicone, it feels great in your hand) and repels dust as a bonus.


Extra USB Cable

$5 extra for this convenience: a 1m long USB cable to leave close to your bed, attached to the Power Charger. That way when you're done reading for the night, just plug the Kindle back and it'll be always charged and ready to use.


Are you comparing prices only?

If you're looking for price only, buy from overseas and save a few dollars.


If you're looking for the best value for your money, choose
the Kindle Australia specialists®.




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