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How to apply a Screen Protector

This is the best tutorial we've encountered on how to apply a Screen Protector, to any device. The original article is from WikiHow and can be viewed here: . Although the images are from a mobile phone, the process is exactly the same for Kindles.


WikiHow's Guide on How to apply a screen protector: 

Things You'll Need

  • A good quality screen protector 
  • A microfiber cloth (included with our screen protectors)
  • A soft cloth 
  • A credit card or similar to remove air bubbles
  • At least 10 minutes
  • Patience
1) Use any method to get steam in a room. Running a hot shower works well, which fills the room with steam. There will be less dust in the air than usual, this is the best time to apply the screen protector. Only bring your device after the steam has subsided. 
how to apply a screen protector
2) Use a microfiber cloth to remove most of the grease and dust from the screen. Be sure that the cloth is clean before using it. You want to remove as much dust from the screen as possible.
use a microfiber cloth
3) Lay the microfiber cloth on the screen to keep the dust off.
keep the dust off
4) Prepare the screen protector. Carefully remove it from packaging.
prepare the screen
5) Remove the cloth from the screen, slowly align the protector and place it on the screen.
place it on the screen
6) Get a credit card or similar item. Use this to carefully remove all the air bubbles.
use a credit card to help
7) Finished.
all done
  • This is best done after removing the factory packaging.
  • Keep the sticky side of the screen protector down, dust is less likely to get stuck when you're applying it.
  • Apply the screen protector as slowly and carefully as possible. There's nothing worse than a shaking hand when doing this.
  • Don't touch the sticky part of the screen protector. Handle it like you would CDs (i.e. without touching the bottom).
  • Alternatively, you can stick a piece of tape on the side of the screen protector (non-sticky side) to make it easier to place.
  • By putting a drop of soap water on the screen before applying the screen protector, you can make it easier to remove bubbles. Just be careful not to apply too much.
  • Do not get frustrated.
  • Dust is everywhere. If you take too long it will land on your screen.

You can also find very helpful guides on YouTube. 

Just search for "How to apply a screen protector kindle".

How to apply the screen protector


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